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        中國供熱信息網共分幾大版塊分別是:供熱行業資訊動態;供熱技術論文;產品供求招商; 招標采購投資合作;暖通設備產品商機(包括鍋爐、熱量表、散熱器、換熱器、管材閥門水泵、地暖地熱、熱泵等);供熱供暖公司采暖供暖協會機構黃頁等。





        The Brief Introduction of The Chinese Heating Supply Info Network

        The Chinese Heating Supply Info Network (TCHSIN) was established in July 2003, and was officially put into operation on-line on May 1, 2004. It is a non-profit professional website of heating supply technology, business opportunities projects as well as policies and regulations, which is founded by a number of senior network crews, experts who were long-term engaged in cogeneration, central heating and technical services as well as industry association personnel.

        The purpose of TCHSIN is to provide an all-inclusive industry information technical services for Chinese central heating industry practitioners and cogeneration power plants staff, also a professional authoritative and accurate publicity platform as well as a product exchange and promotion platform for heating equipment manufacturers. At the same time, it provides strategic basis for the government on heating industry decision-making.

        At present, TCHSIN has become the most abundant, the most timely updated and the most influential portal platform on the aspects of China’s cogeneration, central heating and thermal technology.

        TCHSIN is divided into several major sections including information dynamic in the heating industry, heating technology thesis, product demand and supply investment, tender procurement investment cooperation, business opportunities in HVAC equipments (including boilers, heat meters, radiators, heat exchanger, pipe valve water pump, radiant floor heating, heating pump, etc), yellow pages for heating companies and associations and so on.

        TCHSIN is aiming at Profit Follows Service and offers finest contents, creating the most influential authoritative network media in the heating industry.

        TCHSIN has been operating independently up to now, it is reinforced by a good many upgrades that constantly enriches its contents, widening access and earning recognition from the public, and developing stronger industry influence!

        TCHSIN will always devotes itself to industry services, creating accurate value and carrying an unspoken promise: fair, just and open!

        Collaborations with the vast industries and organisations are welcomed, let’s making the great cause!

        The website and trademark is selling!


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